4 incentive travel trends to keep your employees productive

As more companies start to understand the enormous opportunities offered by incentive travel, corporate incentive travel planners have their hands full trying to find the best solutions for a wide range of clients.

but what does the incentive travel landscape look like in 2020? and what will be the top priorities for incentive travel and corporate event management companies going forward?

let’s explore some of the most exciting trends and considerations below.

Think of the environment

one of the most prominent trends noticed by incentive travel companies in the uk is that businesses are placing more and more importance on creating a socially responsible image.

that means that many savvy companies are starting to weigh how their incentive journey will impact the environment and are looking for more environmentally-friendly journey opportunities to reward their top performers.

that’s why you should be looking for incentive journeys that are closer to your location and less wasteful, especially when it comes to plastic and other pollutants.

Consider employee wellness

for a long time, the main focus of trips organised by corporate incentive travel planners was the experience itself, as well as the networking opportunities that it offered.

nowadays, that focus is shifting more towards employee wellness and mental health – incentive journeys often incorporate spiritual and mindfulness into their travels, providing their employees with unique experiences that help them learn more about themselves and about how to better cope with stress.

Go all-inclusive

most companies want to be able to predict their incentive travel expenses, which is why corporate event management companies are now offering all-inclusive packages that help accurately estimate the costs upfront and avoid surprises during the trip.

what’s more, these types of trips help provide both the organisers and the travellers’ peace of mind, as when everything is paid for and organised in advance, the journey can remain the primary and only focus.

with all-inclusive packages, you can pre-plan every aspect of the journey, picking and choosing activities, food, accommodations according to your preference and your budget, and remaining in control of every part of the process.

Incorporate team building

while the incentive journey is usually viewed as a reward for the employees, the team-building benefits that it can offer are an added bonus that more and more companies are recognising.

after all, your employees will spend a lot of time together during incentive journeys and are likely to develop more personal relationships that can translate into improved performance at work as well.

a lot of those bonding experiences will come naturally, but you can strengthen the team-building effect by including special activities that require teamwork and problem-solving.

this way, you will not only improve employee communication and teamwork skills that can translate to the workplace but are likely to make their experience more immersive and more enjoyable in the process as well.